Work order processing

Genius Preservation is a family of property preservation specialists who know the anatomy of your house and keep it in ICC status throughout the changing seasons so that every family is allotted with the best house to make their home. We work 24/7 to make sure the quickest turn out time.

Our services:

  1. Work order processing service
  2. Photo analysis and data decryption

You send the photos and we do the rest. All your contractors need to do is provide property condition photos and tape measurements for the damages as per clients’ standard. We have trained professionals and each of them handle more than 10000 photos every day. We will upload the entire work order to the client system in following manner without any additional support from your end.

#Updating work completion to client system

Regardless of the client types and their system orientation, we update all kinds of work orders. From simple grass cut orders to complex hazard EOB order.

# Updating PCR and damage report

We are constantly training young leads to obtain the PCR and damage report from their photo analysis. We provide the best bids as we know how each job is executed for property preservation and protection services.

# Cost estimation

Some clients accept the bids without any cost estimation but most of the clients hardly approve any bids without any reference from a standard cost estimation platform. We are proficient with Repairbase, Bluebook, XactPRM and many other cost estimation systems. We can pull off the pricing from Lowe’s and Home Depot and prepare a manual bid estimation in case the if the client does not plan to proceed with standard CE platform.

(Client must provide their own CE id if required. We know how to utilize the exact line items and prepare the most adequate pricing for which all parties are digging for).

# Invoicing

We know how hard you are working out there and putting yourself on the front line to reach the deadlines with quality and professionalism. We are here to bring you the good night sleep while we submit and invoice all your field completed work orders. We make sure you are receiving the full amount for the work you have completed in the field. We facilitate you to expand your wings without having to operate a processing farm in US with all its taxations.

# Letterheads

We prepare letterheads and keep track of job-related documentations to ensure that you and your client have the proof of services and always find you transparent. While you are busy breaking your muscles and brain, we will do the paper works on your behalf so that you can stay on top of everything with your client.

# Proposals for EOB request

You send us the EOB scope and the property photos. We re-justify the scope of work with standard CE, locate the differences and bring everyone to the same page about pricings with a standard proposal for EOB request.

# Denials

Denials are not meant to be ignored. Denials are to be taken seriously and improving constantly to meet a clients’ standard. We collaborate with the field team and the client team simultaneously to reduce the denials. We do not just resolve denials; we locate the route cause of the denials and take steps to overcome the hindrance. (Please see the Contractor Training section for more insight)

# Discrepancies/Escalations

We always keep our end of the bargain intact. If you complete the work in the field and provide photos that meet clients’ standard, we are here to make sure that client received the work order properly and you are being paid as you were approved. No matter, wherever you are stuck with your work order, just hit me up on direct line and be assured, the invoice is on your way.

Why us?

A field professional needs a back-office experts to represent him professionally. Otherwise, you are going to struggle in your own sweat. We are professional with back-office support and always just a call away from you. We own our responsibility and prove ourselves with deliverance. Send us 5 of your work orders for a test service and we will process those for free to demonstrate our quality. 

As soon as you hire us you facilitate your business with the following facilities:

  1. Deduct sperate office maintenance cost and additional taxes for processing team.
  2. Double the current bid approval volume
  3. Positive team spirit
  4. Extensive QC team
  5. 24/7 redundancy
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