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We have started providing data entry solutions from 2016 and still now we maintain the highest quality of all the services we offer. Try us with what you have got regardless of whether big volume of P&P Maintenance orders or bulk load of Grass-cut orders. We have worked for almost every state and we are familiar with all the different work order types.

Grass Cut Order Processing

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We have well developed understanding about differences from client to client and state to state. We follow all clients’ allowable prices & we utilize standard pricing platforms to pull out adequate estimates for items that ain’t have any allowable from clients.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We make sure that your work orders are submitted with high priority, denials are resolved with the best efficiency.

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Hiring us will be the best decision in your business career. A good bunch of highly motivated and dedicated young stars running at their regular force and we are looking for more.

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We the Genius Preservation think that you have the keen potential and the right mindset to achieve your goal.